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At Targ'Ethnic, we are multicultural marketing experts.

We help brands to target more accurately and to interact with ethnic communities across France, an heterogeneous segment of consumers with a purchasing power of 200 billions euros per year.

To release this potential, we settle operational advertising campaigns, offering bespoke solutions in order to optimize your budget. We create a powerful link between your brand and your customers.

All our team work together to ensure creative, engaging and measurable marketing campaigns.

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25 July 2017

Marketing ethnique : Au-delà des fêtes culturelles

Dans son livre désormais célèbre, The Culture Code, Clotaire Rapaille nous explique comment Nestlé a commencé à vendre du café au Japon. Ils ont contacté ce psychanalyste franco-américain et consultant en marketing lorsque Nestlé avait encore des difficultés à pénétrer le marché japonais et vendre son café. Rapaille a vite découvert que les Japonais n’avaient […]
  • E-fundraising Manager
    Targ'Ethnic has been able to meet our ethnic lead generation needs thanks to its display solution Ethnoperf, which allowed us to significantly improve our ROI
    E-fundraising Manager
    Islamic Relief France
  • Web & Media Director
    We realized a very targeted ethnic web campaign during Ramadan by targeting only the Maghreb communities of France and Targ'Ethnic was able to fully meet our expectations
    Web & Media Director
    Zoé Communication
  • Marketing Manager France
    We conducted a media campaign and a programmatic one with Targ'Ethnic which were able to be force of proposal by proposing targeted and effective packages with results that exceeded our objectives. Regular and serious reports, I highly recommend Targ'Ethnic!
    Marketing Manager France

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Get in touch with our team of specialists

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